March 30 Round UP- Keep those Drills Turning


In this morning’s report is the announcement by ASX-REC which I have summarised as follows –


RECHARGE (REC) Massive sulphide brecciated zones of semi massive sulphide and disseminated visual copper sulphide mineralisation observed from 92mdh to EOH at 393mdh. Open at depth and along strike.   (+250%) 


Whilst it may be some time before the assays are announcements and we really know what has been intersected – I have used the Company as an example of the importance of considering Section F of the Austex each day. (see attached ASX-REC attachment) 


The Company only listed in Oct 21 and maybe there were hints in Section F in Nov 21-Feb 22 as to the potential for the Project?   However, there is still a risk that the market will be of the view that when the assays are announced the Company has over hyped what it has seen in the core.   But it does show to me why I need to carefully read and consider the Opportunities that are in Section F each day.


The example also demonstrates to investors as to where the maximum value is in the Resource Sector – new discoveries!  


Keep those drill turning -