Austex Lite

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The AUSTEX LITE is designed to support the AUSTEX DAILY with an end of week summary on the trading performance of the ASX resources sector.

The AUSTEX LITE provides tables on percentage changes in commodity prices of those commodities that have an organised/transparent market over the week and over the past year.

The AUSTEX LITE compares the percentage change in commodity prices with the percentage change in the ASX commodity groups and compares changes in the latter over 1 week, 1 month, 1 and 3 years.

The AUSTEX LITE provides details on share price movements within four groups (quarterlies) by market cap. Tables of the 20 companies in the quartile whose share price has either risen or fallen the most for that week.

The AUSTEX LITE contains a list of thirty (30) or so best and worst performed companies from the top half of the ASX resource market by market cap, over the past month. These tables in particular can be a starting point for discussions with investment advisors on counter-cyclical opportunities. The top half is selected as it should cover most of the companies with the more advanced and hence robust and less speculative projects.

The AUSTEX LITE contains the AUSTEX RATIO which is simply the number of share price rises for the ASX resource sector over the week, divided by the number of falls. The ratio provides guidance on the health of the overall sector market in a graph over the previous thirteen (13) months. A ratio has a base of around 0.5 and a peak of around 2.

The AUSTEX LITE includes in one place all of Rob Murdoch comments from the normal five separate AUSTEX DAILY over the week past. The comments are grouped by five enlarged commodity groups, and in order of the percentage change in the companies shares over the week.