March 28 Round Up- Welcome to Monday with a little resource trivia


The AUSTEX LITE is showing that sanctions in Russia were driving Commodity Prices over the week, with Natural Gas +10%, Brent Crude + 9.3%, Manganese ore + 9.9% and Aluminium +7.3% .  However, it was the Battery & Technology Stocks that dominated the Market with Vanadium Stories + 12.7%. Lithium seemingly unstoppable +11.2%.  Cobalt + 9.2%

The AUSTEX covers around 30 announcements which is on the high side for a Friday, with Gold stories followed by Oil & Gas dominating.  Still room for a bit of Trivia.  A slide from my presentation last week at the Brisbane Conference on the location of ASX Resource Companies flagship projects.  Companies are active in 70 Countries. 

66% of Companies are focused in Australia.  Pre COVID it was more like 50%.  14% are in the Americas, 11% Africa and 9% spread across the rest of the world.

Those focused in Australia are 62% focused in WA; 13% Qld,8% NSW, 6% Sth Aust, 5% NT; 4% Vic 2% Tas.

Enjoy the week ahead. On Thursday I am presenting to the Qld Exploration Function at the Brisbane Club ( For bookings see the QEC website).  I will present mainly on Companies focused on Qld where Oil & Gas, Coal, Gold & Copper are the main stories and whether the Qld Premier and her cabinet like it or not are the States Critical Minerals along with Bauxite a few more as they drive the economy and hence pay for their lifestyle, as well as hospitals schools etc, and are likely to do so for some considerable time to come – should be fun.