Austex Quarterly

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The AUSTEX QUARTERLY focuses on the Appendix 5B Cash Flows that are submitted by explorers & the more recent producers to the ASX. The cash flow reports are submitted by around 85-88% of all the ASX resource companies. The established producers & companies with a primary listing on the TSX are exempt.

The AUSTEX QUARTERLY reviews the reporting companies in six sections. (A) Producers – which are companies with >$1M revenue in the previous quarter. (B) Emerging companies companies with revenue of <$1M but with development &/or non exploration investment costs >$1M. The remaining companies that have both revenues & investment/ development costs <$1M for the quarter are called explorers the explorers are divided into four groups (C-F) depending upon their market cap.

The AUSTEX QUARTERLY includes tables of expenditure and capital raisings and loans above $1M for the quarter. The tables include production cashflows (Section A only); development/Non-Exploration investment (sections A-B only). Exploration (expensed & investment), capital raisings (sections A-F). A list of companies with less than one-quarter cash is included.

For an add on fee AUSTEX provides spreadsheets on selected expense or revenue categories all Appendix 5B reports, which currently total between 600-700. The spreadsheets also includes detail of the market cap, shares on issue, cash position. Quarters cash, commodity & location focus.